Sweaty Church Training

The aim of the training is to enable individual churches to start their own Sweaty church or for umbrella organisations to learn about Sweaty Church with a view to empowering groups under their care to develop their own Sweaty Church.

A typical training day would consist of:

1. Introduction to Sweaty Church

The Two ‘Pillars’ of Sweaty Church

How it works? Who is it for?

2. Practical demonstrations of games

Hands-on learning of how to organise activities in a way that makes the teaching point as part of the activity.

3. Making Sweaty Church work for you. Every Sweaty Church is slightly different based on its context.

What type of church are you?

What is the make-up of your church?

Who could this outreach to?

What type of leaders do you have and how best utilise their gifts.

What types of buildings and resources are available to you?


Cost: £200 + Travel Costs

Please get in touch for more information or to discuss your own training needs.