Sweaty Church: Going for Growth Project

Sweaty Church: Going for Growth Project

It is now time to build on the initial successes of Sweaty Church ( there are now more than 10 in the UK, we’ve just been published by Scripture Union, appointed a Development Manager for Sweaty church in Schools and received a glowing endorsement from the Archbishop of York ) and so, in 2016, we are launched the Sweaty Church: Going for Growth Project to take Sweaty Church to the next level.

Click here to download our resources from Scripture Union: https://content.scriptureunion.org.uk/resource/sweaty-church-six-all-age-sessions

The overall aim of the Sweaty Church: Going for Growth Project is to advance the Christian faith through families learning together through physical activities across the UK and internationally.

As part of this overall aim, Sweaty Church: Going for Growth aims:

  1. to be ecumenical and to grow across all denominations and types of church.
  2. to maintain its innovative, kinesthetic style of teaching but aims to be flexible depending on the nature of each individual church.
  3. for its sessions to be readily accessible to all, making it easier for committed Christians to invite others with no church background to a session.


The main objectives that will lead to achieving these aims are:

To engage and work with churches throughout the UK and internationally.

To engage and work with churches across all mainstream denominations in the UK, and, where appropriate, to enable churches of different denominations to work together.

To work in partnership with publishers to produce professional resources.

To employ a Development Manager to give ‘hands-on’ support to groups wishing to start their own Sweaty Church and to work with them towards a position of sustainability where ‘hands-on’ support is no longer required.

To constantly monitor the success of Sweaty Church in different contexts, evaluating its success and adopting and evolving the approach taken in different contexts as appropriate.

To grow a team of volunteers who are willing to work with the Development Manager to help new Sweaty Churches become established in individual churches.

To promote the concept of Sweaty Church by developing the website and social media, by appearing at Christian festivals and by engaging with the next generation of Church and Children’s Leaders at National Conferences and Theological Colleges.

Contact us for more information and a chance to get involved.