Sweaty Church Team

Ian Mayhew: Ian heads up the creative side of things – give him a drinking straw and a cotton bud and he’ll give you a game!

Jonny Wooldridge: Jonny heads up the organisational side of things – give him a room full of kids and he’ll show you some fun!

Rev. Glyn Diggins: Pioneer of Sweaty Church in Schools and has a role of Sweaty Church Development Manager in Schools – give him a school and he’ll get them all sweaty!

Danny Driver – aka ”. Danny has emigrated south and now heads up the growth of Sweaty Church in southern lands – give him a room full of southerners and they’ll need a translator!

Tom Wooldridge: Tom heads up all the website, social media and general IT stuff that Ian and Jonny are useless at – give him a load of photos and he’ll give you a Promo Video!

Sweaty Church is a Registered Charity. Charity Number: 1164483